How we work

From idea to reality…

Every project is unique. Our solutions are customised to just your brand and objectives.

For the best result, we prefer to work closely with our clients. We recommend a small working group with participants from different departments in your organisation.

Understanding — your company’s brand and how it relates to your target groups such as employees and customers, as well as fulfilling any special needs.

Presenting — an idea with sketches, colours, fabric swatches, connecting to your brand and requirements.

Development — of prototypes for the best fit, perhaps even doing fit tests with a select target group. Development includes fabric swatches, branding as prints and embroideries, labelling, and consideration of special sizes.

Quality assurance — important throughout the process, this can include fabric tests and garment tests as well as inline checks in production to ensure the final result.

Samples for selling or photography (optional) — can be provided in correct quality, colour and fit to be used for selling, presentation or photo sessions before production starts.

Pre-production samples — provided for final checking and confirmation.

Final inspection — is always made before delivery to ensure correct and high quality garments.

Production and delivery — according to request.

Warehouse and stock service – third party logistics according to request.

Time line is determined in accordance with each project’s requirements.