What we offer


Our strength is not only to design and produce a unique garment collection for your company. We also offer a new mind-set when it comes to corporate wear, connecting your identity and brand through your entire network. Everybody wears garments, why not yours!


We offer customised solutions for garment collections to fully realise the power of your brand and identity through corporate wear.

A strong brand requires strong collections. Our goal is that the products are so strong that people are proud to wear your garments not only for work, but also during their leisure time.

Know how

Strategy — aligned to your own brand and identity objectives, creating spin offs for corporate positioning, marketing and sales efforts.

Design — from the selection of suitable qualities, suggesting colours, deciding fits and seams, to a stylish customised collection of garments.

Production co-ordination — with worldwide production sources to provide the best final garment, considering quality, timing and price for each project.

Safe and secure garments — we work only with well-established production units around the world, making sure to follow standards as OECD, Reach and other international regulations.

Logistics — to ensure delivery on time.


Many years of experience within design, production and market strategy, working with well-known regional, national and global brands from the fashion industry to international companies and organisations.